Let me work on that neck for you, old timer. How’s that feel?

We regret that we are no longer a breeding kennel, and will not have puppies available in the future. Our website is for information only.

Rose Shenk and Bruce Buckwalter
Harrisonburg, Virginia/Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
For general information and the Rosewood website

Joyce (Shenk) Maxwell
Boston, Massachusetts
For information about Lady Elsinore
and the Kooikerhondje Club of the USA
978 844-3689

Kelly McDonald    
Port Republic, Virginia
For information about Hamlet, Yorick, and Ruby


2 comments to Contact

  • Bob Poel


    Fantastic website!

    It caught my interest from many directions. I am from Michigan and I am an avid waterfowler. A friend and I have been tabbling with “tolling” as a duck hunting technique. I also am from Dutch hertitage – my grandparents came to America from the Netherlands. It is high on my “bucket list” to visit the Netherlands some day. The Dutch Endenkooi is the first thing I want to see. Wherever you went in your slide show is exactly what I want to see. If you could share any information on where to go and any other tips that you would recommend for a visit over there I would greatly appreciate. Also I’m curious, do you or of your customers ever use your dogs to hunt?


    Bob Poel

  • Corina

    Good afternoon/ morning;

    On this snowy sunday morning, in the Netherlands, was passsing time on the internet. Tomorrow it will be first time to meet our newborn pup(German Shepherd).

    It’s kind of “strange” family tradition, we name our dogs with Starwars characters. We’ll have to find a name for our new pup, so was looking for some Star Wars character names. This is how I reached your site.

    Was just thinking about the loss of my last dog, he was everything to me. So looking at your site kind of struck me
    We have have /had Rokko, Jedi, Yoda, Lando and …. Chewie. Chewie was my dog I had to put asleep last year, after 11 years companionship. All others are German Shepherds, but Chewie was my Kooikerhondje. A character dog which gave me so much joy.

    I was wondering how you got to name your Kooikerhondje Chewie. Quite a coincidence.. a kooikerhondje with such a name – based on Star Wars character.

    Should you want to have a look at the live of my dog, please feel free to look at youtube video, showing my Chewie:

    I hope your Chewie will give you as much joy, as my Chewie did to me.

    Have a nice day, and enjoy each and every moment with your dogs.

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